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Create Atmosphere with Vintage Lighting

Create Atmosphere with Vintage Lighting Vintage Lighting Fixture

Create atmosphere with unique and custom vintage lighting pieces. Light up your home with beautiful vintage light fixtures. Authentic vintage lighting can make a lasting impression and create the perfect atmosphere. Meet Juliet, a vendor and lighting specialist at Golightly’s Antiques.  Be sure to watch the video as Juliet shows you her selection of unique […]

Vintage Clothing For Sale

Vintage Clothing For Sale Vintage clothing for sale hats

Steven Porterfield has vintage clothing for sale at his antique store “The Cat’s Meow” in Midland, Texas. He is an expert in authentic antique and vintage clothing, hats, handbags, costume & estate jewelry, furniture, glass, pottery, porcelain, crockery, dolls & toys, linens, lace, fabrics quilts, patterns, primitives, retro, and kitchen miscellaneous. “We have several thousand […]

Huntsville Antique Markets

Huntsville Antique Markets Kay King Huntsville Show Promoter

If you are looking to kick off your Christmas shopping early, you are not going to want to miss one of the three Huntsville Antique Markets. The Huntsville Holiday Market is a fun filled shopping expo that brims over each year with antiques, boutiques, holiday, home decor, wreaths, fashion jewelry, furniture, crafts, woodworking, home, garden, […]

Renovating Vintage Airstream

Renovating Vintage Airstream Refurbished Airstream Vintage Trailer Exterior Merry Christmas

What’s Old Is New Again!  How one couple is renovating Vintage Airstream trailers and flipping these popular road warriors to create profitable “flipped” homes on wheels. Recycling, Renovating Spawns Upcycling and Downcycling When I think of recycling, I often think of 1970 and the origin of Earth Day.  Truth is, however, that the first recorded practice […]

Real Magic of Wedding is Lasting Marriage

Real Magic of Wedding is Lasting Marriage The Cat's Meow 1870’s wedding gown backside with bustle

While Wedding dresses outwardly mirror the values, and the history of the times, the real magic of a wedding is the inner-lasting marriage that begins on the wedding day. Scarcely any other garment commands as much planning, scrimping, or reflection as the wedding dress. A wedding dress is the Dressing Forever or The Yes Dress. […]

Great Teachers Feel Legendary Life Calling

Great Teachers Feel Legendary Life Calling Diane Harris Great Teachers

Great Teachers light the way to the future at the ringing of every school bell.  I remember wondering who had rung the small brass school bell with a black, wooden handle – the bell that sat austerely in my grandmother’s China cabinet alongside ornate chocolate sets and iridescent carnival glass. Before Emily Drienhoffer Gorman and […]

Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford TX

Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford TX 1800s York Avenue Historic Buildings Weatherford, Texas

There are approximately 16 antique shops in this town, and many of these shops fall under the combination: Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford, Texas. Two of those shops are Blessings Recycled Antiques & More, located at 112 Dallas Street, and The Shoppes at Carter Ivy located at 120 N. Main Street. The early years of Weatherford, Texas […]

Tips for Navigating Texas Antiques Week Traffic

Tips for Navigating Texas Antiques Week Traffic

By: Dewain Belgard  “This is my last time to shop Round Top”, I overheard someone say. I was eavesdropping. I felt guilty, I don’t know why. Everybody does it. But I was taught you shouldn’t do it. Not intentionally anyway. And if you chance to overhear someone else’s conversation, you must pretend that you didn’t. […]

History of the Epergne Vase

History of the Epergne Vase Epergne-with-24-Amethyst-glass-flutes-European-c.-1910

Guest Post submitted and written by Max Miller Max Miller Antiques sells hundreds of rare glassware pieces and various Epergne table centerpieces are among these pieces. Max Miller Antiques is known by collectors around the country as a source for the best selection of rare glassware. Max Miller Antiques specializes in American Glassware from 1850-1970 […]

Finding Faith In Difficult Times

Finding Faith In Difficult Times Cathedral Window Quilt mid 1900s Finding Faith In Difficult Times

Viewing the Fine Needlework Tapestry Finding faith in difficult times is not always easy. In my previous 2 articles I wrote about my journey to Finding Joy After Grief then Finding Happiness After Grief after the loss of my husband, Mike, to COVID-19 in December 2020. Not a day passes that I don’t think about Mike’s […]

Social Media Marketing: Texas Vintage Shops

Social Media Marketing: Texas Vintage Shops Texas Vintage Shopper Social Media Marketing for Texas Vintage Shops

Benefit from Our Social Media Marketing Experts Who Can Do It All for You! Upgrade to a Featured Listing I highly recommend a featured listing over a free basic listing. Sure, you can still have your free listing and shoppers will see you among the sea of 769, but that’s not something you want to […]

Happiness After Grief & Sunflowers

Happiness After Grief & Sunflowers Shabby Chic Sunflower arrangement Mason Jars

During this early fall season, I am continuing my journey to happiness after grief, & sunflowers have been a special sign from heaven. My husband Mike passed away from COVID in December 2020. Finding Joy After Grief – Texas Vintage Shop Directory ( The sadness comes every time I get into the car and reach […]

Information Please

Information Please

You may be the missing puzzle piece in someone else’s life – the memories of those childhood conversations never really left me; often in moments of doubt and perplexity I would recall the serene sense of security . . . . I appreciated now how very patient, understanding and kind she was to have wasted her time on a little boy.

Huntsville Antique Show Held Each September

Huntsville Antique Show Held Each September

The Huntsville Antique Show is held each September in historic Huntsville, Texas in the air-conditioned comfort of the Walker County Fairgrounds located at 3925 HWY 30, 77340, just three miles west of Huntsville on Highway 30 (Exit 116). Huntsville is located an hour north of Houston, on I-45. There is a $7.00 Admission fee and Children under 12 […]

What kind of Emotion does Pyrex Conjure up?

What kind of Emotion does Pyrex Conjure up?

What kind of emotion does the word Pyrex conjure up in your vintage heart?  For me, it takes me back to a time when my grandmother used various Pyrex pieces as a vessel for serving or storing her amazing meals. Long ago, this special glass was called borosilicate and was used in science labs because […]

Army Air Corp Propellers – Repurposed Lone Star Signs

Army Air Corp Propellers – Repurposed Lone Star Signs

The Lone Star brewery acquired WWI Army surplus propellers from Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas. These were repurposed and distributed by the brewery from 1941-1942 with a clock or shield. The porcelain shield was produced in 2 sizes. There were a few variations with neon or painted letters on the blades. The propellers were […]

Historic Clothing Shop Sells to Hollywood

Historic Clothing Shop Sells to Hollywood Plaid Civil War Era Gown

The Cat’s Meow Antique Shop, in Midland, Texas is a historic clothing shop that sells vintage and antique clothing to the general public, but also privately to Hollywood movie producers. Historic clothing and accessories are a unique specialty of owner Steven Porterfield who is a native Midlander. He travels 50,000 miles per year on buying […]

Glen Flora Emporium Filled with Antiques

Glen Flora Emporium Filled with Antiques

  Renell Moore June 23, 2018 The Glen Flora Emporium is currently filled with 8,000 square feet of quality antiques. The store is well organized, clean and air conditioned. If you didn’t know her store had flooded 10 months before, you would never even suspect it. Owner, Trish Winkles would like everyone to know that […]

Hurricane Causes Flood in Glen Flora Emporium

Hurricane Causes Flood in Glen Flora Emporium

Imagine owning an 8,000 square foot shop filled with hundreds of beautiful antique items for sale, and hearing the news that a hurricane would be hitting the Gulf coast, 130 miles from you within a few days. Trish Winkles, owner of The Glen Flora Emporium had weathered hurricanes that had hit the Gulf Coast before. […]

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