Antique Mall Tea Room Party

Blair Plumee Tea Room Party

An Antique Mall Tea Room party can create the perfect charming atmosphere for that fairy tale party atmosphere.

Be it your littlest princess/prince or your queen/king, they are sure to feel special whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or “just because,”

Seriously, have you ever thought about the dining experience at an Antique Mall Tea Room?

It’s all about the charming atmosphere complimented with excellent food such as the chef’s quiche, craisin salad and/or the soup of the day.

This may be an overlooked gem when it comes to party entertainment ideas. Tea Party Etiquette For Kids

Blair Plumlee became a princess for a day on her 7th birthday at Miss Doily’s Tea Room, located inside His & Hers Antique Mall in Crowley, Texas.

antique mall tea room party
Blair Plumlee Celebrates her 7th birthday at His & Hers Antique Mall Tea Room Party

Blair Presented Royal Invitation Day Prior to Party

Blair’s aunt, Anna Dye said, “We had a tea party for Blair, she’s turning 7 years old and She’s very into princesses and fairy tales.” Anna said this small family tea party was in advance of her full birthday party celebration scheduled for the following day.

The idea came when Anna Dye and her grandmother, Cathy Trahan, went antique shopping at Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth, Texas. They ate lunch at the antique mall tea room and thought, “How precious would this be for a 7th birthday party.”

They presented Blair with a very special hand-made birthday card the day before the tea -party.  They made presenting the card a very special moment and told Blair, “Lady Blair you are cordially invited to Lady Doily’s Tea Room.” See sample royal invitation presentation video

Tea Room Party Blair Plumlee Invitation.jpg
Blair Plumlee

Blair was super excited upon seeing the invitation. Cathy also presented her with a red lace party dress with a hoop skirt that was purchased just for the Antique Mall Tea Room Party. To complete the outfit, Cathy made fascinator hats for Blair and everyone attending the tea party to wear on the day of the party.

Tea Room Party Blair Plumlee Red Dress
Blair Plumlee & Great Grandmother, Cathy Trahan

Cathy also made homemade pink swirl cupcakes with tiny crown toothpicks on top.

At this point, the only thing Blair knew was that she was invited to a ROYAL tea party for the celebration of her 7th birthday and she was to be there at high noon for this very special celebration.

Blair sat at the head of the table, while her tea room host, Aimee Clofer, who was wearing her French apron, instructed all participants, “Pinkies out, napkins on your lap, hold your saucer when you stand.” Blair’s smile got bigger and bigger as the tea party progressed. Aimee led party attendees in a game called tea time cootie catcher, which is a folded paper origami fortune catcher game. How to Make a Cootie Catcher

Aimee said. “I love working with kids so when Miss Vicky (owner of His & Hers Antique Mall) approached me with the opportunity to be the Antique Mall Tea Room Party host, I took her up on the opportunity. “I’m the host and the entertainer. My job is to communicate with the parents, let them know what’s going on and what to expect. I’m here to make sure the girls feel elegant, happy and make sure they are enjoying their time here. We want them to feel fancy and pretty.”

Blair Plumlee with Antique Mall Tea Room Party Host Aimee Clofer
Blair Plumlee with Tea Room Party Host Aimee Clofer
Tea Room Party Host Aimee Clofer
Tea Room Party Host Aimee Clofer

Rather than tea, the very elegant teapot was filled with pink lemonade, just for Blair. We wanted to gift her a special memory in advance of her full birthday party.

Antique Mall Tea Room Party Decorated with Fine Crystal

Miss Doily’s Tea Room is decorated with American Fostoria Crystal pieces from former owner Claudene Well’s crystal collection. Claudene said she began collecting crystal when she had a 2-story home. She displayed some beautiful crystal pieces on shelves backed with mirrors. When the morning sun from the east penetrated the room it would cause rainbow prisms to appear within the crystal pieces. The prisms would cast rainbows all over the room. For beautiful crystal and fine glassware, be sure to visit Max Miller Antiques.

American Fostoria China Tea Room Party Decor
American Fostoria Crystal Tea Room Decor

His & Hers Tea Room Gets Reviews

“This little tea room is so dang cute! We had my daughter’s 10th birthday party here. She loved it! They let us bring our own cake and even cut and plated it for us. Very reasonably priced, elegant and quaint! 5 stars! 4 people + cake cut $46. Prices include tax, I loved that since I could add up the cost easily.” Mums K. Crowley, Texas

“The food was very good. The ambiance, including the classy music is quite inviting and relaxing. The employees and the owner made us feel quite welcome. The bread pudding was outstanding. We will come here again, with friends, soon.” Jeff S. Arlington, Texas

“A little gem and the food is delish! I can highly recommend the chocolate pie. It is amazing. The crust is perfect, the chocolate filling will melt in your mouth. Take your mom, your daughter, heck take yourself. You will not be sorry.” Sherry L Fort Worth, Texas.

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