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What Advertisers will be getting when signing up for an ad package:


Promotion- Coming in 2020

Texas Antiques Shops will be asked to post a flyer, with a QR bar code, in their shop window or at their check out register to advertise the website. Shoppers may scan these bar codes with the cameras on their phones.

Printed flyers, with QR bar codes, will also be sent to the 12 Texas Travel Centers.



  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization with good technical SEO
  • A great user experience – ease of navigation and site speed
  • Quality Writing Content
  • Mobile Optimization of website

Social Media


  • Regular weekly posts to promote website.
  • Social Media Marketing to include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Search Engine Promotion.
  • Email marketing newsletters will include “About Us” promotion of new shop subscribers.
  • Monthly email newsletters will include traffic reports and growth information for Texas Vintage Shopper.

Quality Content


  • General interest antiquing related blogs to include the most popular homemaking trends.
  • Travel blogs – a new monthly Antiques Day Shopping article will be added monthly.

General Information

Texas Vintage Shopper offers online advertising packages to fit every budget. Choose from various ad placements and sizes as shown on this page.


Ad Size Placement Monthly
970 x 90 Top-of-page banner $ 250
360 x 280 Top-right-column block $ 189
970 x 90 Footer banner $ 149
360 x 280 Mid right-column block $ 119
680 x 120 In-page, middle of article banner (article pages) $ 79
680 x 120 In-page banner, at end of article (article pages) $ 59
360 x 280 Bottom-right-column block $ 59

Advertiser’s Information Kit

Example from a current shop listing

Up to 180 words

Nothing Ordinary is a family of 20+ dealers, myself, and consignment. Our home of 29 years is located one block from historic Bellville town square, a maze of 7700 square feet of unique room arrangements and displays. We are not only an antique store but also sell new home decor accents and we are a great place for inspiration, whether decorating your home or yourself, building a collection or just having fun looking around. Merchandise and arrangements are always changing and spaces are decorated in current styles, collections of similar items, or in color stories. Antique furniture and small antiques with styles from Victorian to Industrial, Cottage & Farmhouse, English & European, Country, Primitives and Texas made. Each dealer has their own great booths featuring their unique finds and displays. Nothing Ordinary tries to find unique and unusual antiques, great dealers along with great pricing and frequent sales and promotions.

REMEMBER this information will also appear in our monthly newsletter, along with a photo of your choice

Listings must be completed within 7 days of purchase

To avoid disappointed shoppers, and keep your listing fresh to encourage online shoppers to return to your listings
frequently, please replace photos of sold items with a photo of merchandise that has not sold, on a regular basis.


Book an appointment if you need assistance placing your ad for free.

Add on fees:

If you would like to send us your information, we can place the ad for you for an additional fee of $35

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