What Advertisers will be getting when signing up for an ad package:

Offline Promotion- Coming Soon!

Texas Antiques Shops will be asked to post a flyer, with a QR bar code, in their shop window or at their check out register to advertise the website. Shoppers may scan these bar codes with the cameras on their phones.

Printed flyers, with QR bar codes, will also be sent to the 12 Texas Travel Centers.

Online Promotion

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization with good technical SEO
  • SEO Schema for Events and Shops is provided within the shop and event categories
  • A great user experience – ease of navigation and site speed
  • Quality Writing Content
  • Mobile Optimization of website

Social Media Promotion

  • Regular weekly posts to promote website.
  • Social Media Marketing to include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest 
  • Email marketing newsletters will include “About Us” promotion of new shop subscribers.
  • Monthly Analytics and Traffic reports and growth information for Texas Vintage Shopper Advertisers

Quality Content Writing

  • General interest antiquing related blogs to include the most popular vintage/antique trends.
  • Travel blogs – a new monthly Antiques Day Shopping article will be added monthly.
  • Shop Owner and Event Promoter Featured Stories

Advertiser’s Information Kit

Interested in advertising with us? We offer a variety of ad sizes and options.The ad locations are such that they do not interfere with the reader finding content. This also keeps the reader on the website looking at other pages and since they are viewing other pages, there is a better chance of the reader seeing more ads. Texas Vintage Shopper also offers advertising that includes blog posts, post blurbs, shout-outs in email newsletters and more. Our social media platforms are effective with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts. We customize ad packages that will help your business get the greatest exposure!

Get in Touch for our Advertising Package

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