Randy and I love the antiquing world.

We antiquing in the Texas lone star state.

The antiques community has been good to us.
We want to build a supportive community for them.

We have had a passion to create a comprehensive Texas antiques shops and events directory that includes all (as many as we are aware) shops and events in Texas for many, many years now. 

Texas Vintage Shopper’s goal is to provide an organized, comprehensive directory to aid shoppers in finding antiques/vintage/collectibles/up-cycle/re-purpose shops in Texas and know they are in business. We are working on it daily and planning on it becoming the “go to” site for shoppers to plan antiques shopping trips.

We are excited about it! The online shop finder site will be continually evolving and updated to meet the avid vintage shopper’s needs

GOAL: The New Online Texas Vintage Shop Finder:

Since August 2017, we have been working to revamp the existing website to turn it into a “comprehensive” online shopper for Texas Antiques/Vintage Shops and Events. 

Our goal is to expand the previous printed version of Heart of a Texan Shopper to include up to 7 times the coverage we have had in the past.


Our non-comprehensive printed paper version with limited distribution is no longer adequate to meet the shopper’s needs. We will be able to add unlimited content in the online shop finder.

According to a recent report in the Content Standard “Over 3 billion people use social media each month – 42 percent of the total global population and every second, 11 people use social media for the first time.

Mobile’s (iphone/ipad) share of web traffic increased by 4 percent, while desktop (computer) decreased by 3 percent.

We have a strategic marketing plan in place for offline and online marketing in the upcoming year.

Texas Vintage Shopper started with our frustration of not being able to PRINT a true, comprehensive, antiques shop directory for Texas because it was too costly to do it if all shops were not willing to pay for advertising.

Another frustration factor was the google search engine. How many times had we driven 20 miles or more to visit an antique shop in Texas that was out of business when we arrived? Why couldn’t google –the ultimate, mega search engine of the world keep up with these small mom and pop shops in Texas?

Maybe it is simply that these small business-owner shops tend to open and close and stay under this mega search engine’s radar?

We had always wanted to create a comprehensive antiques/vintage shops directory for Texas. And while we say “antiques” we consider it an umbrella term for the growing trend that will include authentic antiques, vintage, up-cycled, repainted, re-purposed, industrial, architectural salvage, farmhouse, and steampunk that appeals to the millennial generation. That is just a fact of this business and we would not be business savvy if we did not target the up and coming generation.


Future Plans:

  • Suggested Shopping Routes for “Shop Your Way Across Texas” to appear online:
  • Starting city (number of shops)
  • Ending city (number of shops)
  • Cities to and from (number of shops)
  • Total miles to travel with miles to be traveled to and from each city


Texas, USA




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Our Commitment to You

  • We will continue to add shops and events, and provide our shoppers with the most updated and current information possible.
  • We will be adding features that YOU, our shoppers, will find increasingly useful and fun on your exciting journey through the vintage/antiques shops of Texas.