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To be Texas’ leading provider of antique & vintage shopping information and related events. 

We seek to list all shops and events in Texas to develop an Accurate, Productive and User-Friendly Planning Experience.


Vintage Lovers!

Texas Vintage Shopper is your one-stop shop for all things vintage. We have an online directory that is constantly expanding and will include unlimited content.

You can find antiques/vintage/collectibles/up-cycle/re-purpose shops in Texas with just a few clicks.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the perfect vintage piece – whether you’re shopping in person or online. We know how much you love vintage, so we want to make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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What we really want you to know about TexasVintageShopper.com is that we want to help the small mom and pop vintage shops in Texas, and eventually in the United States, connect with shoppers looking for unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise that is hidden from them.


Why is this merchandise hidden? Because these small shops may not be listed on google and google is used by everyone to find everything in today’s world.  Just like people have cell phones, not land lines today.

Randy, has seen the need for a long time. In his past travels to sell print ads to antiques shops in Texas, He often “googled” an antiques shop that had gone out of business months, even years before, yet it was still listed on the google search engine.

Is it Google’s fault? No, most of these shops do not know how to get taken off Google once they have been able to get on it. And, believe me, some have tried, it’s hard to get removed, folks!

Or, many of these small mom and pop shops don’t have a website and don’t know how to get listed on google after they open their doors for business.

Why do we care? Because we believe if we can meet this need to achieve the true power of connection of shoppers, shop owners and event promoters with avid antique enthusiast buyers, then this website will become successful by default – it will be a natural outcome of meeting a legitimate, honest need.

It’s about the reward of seeing a happy buyer and an even happier seller.

It’s about being able to tell the stories of these sellers and buyers and feel the reward of human connection. We love the nostalgia and stories from the past – sort of a Hallmark feeling, but a love story with the vintage and antiques world of the past.

Because we saw the need and had for 10 years, but we did not know where to start or how to begin to transition from a limited print publication to an unlimited comprehensive Texas vintage shop and events directory. It has been a huge, daunting task, but it is slowly but surely becoming manageable.

It is unbelievable how many shops are out there that are not on google. We find them every day we look for them.

And, who would be crazy enough to spend their time uncovering all of these shops? Because you can’t just use google, you have to make real connections with real people and call and find out what they know about the shops in their town/city.


Some people like the feeling they get when they find a prized vintage item – we like the feeling we get when we find a hidden vintage shop that has not been listed on google or has closed, and has not been taken off of google.

Future Plans:

  • Suggested Shopping Routes for “Shop Your Way Across Texas” to appear online:
  • Starting city (number of shops)
  • Ending city (number of shops)
  • Cities to and from (number of shops)
  • Total miles to travel with miles to be traveled to and from each city


Texas, USA


Renell: 432-661-1518

Randy: 432-661-1519


Our Commitment to You

  • We will continue to add shops and events, and provide our shoppers with the most updated and current information possible.
  • We will be adding features that YOU, our shoppers, will find increasingly useful and fun on your exciting journey through the vintage/antiques shops of Texas.
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