10 Secrets to Antique Shopping


10 Secrets to Antique Shopping begins with finding Unique and Personalized Items you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s trend in furniture is to re-purpose, re-furbish or re-paint to create one-of-a-kind items that express your unique personality – Check out Crosby Antique Mall, Crosby, Texas.

Vintage Re-painted 2-drawer 2-door buffet

Individual Look – Many consumers believe that mainstream items have become less unique and that mass-produced items and accessories are routine copy-cat items that anyone can buy Check out Antique Gallery of Lewisville.

Lovely antique London crib! While not suitable for a baby, it is perfect for baby dolls! Or any type of display! You can even store blankets and quilts in this antique piece! This item courtesy of Antique Gallery of Lewisville.

Environmental Impact – Buying second-hand items have a tremendous environmental impact because items get recycled for a second lifetime versus going in the landfill. When you multiply this concept by the millions of people in the United States alone, this concept can be staggering Three Chicks Treasures

Save Money – The antiques/vintage market has become less costly than in years past

Unusual Pieces and Great Design at a Fair Price – If an antique or vintage piece speaks to you, don’t stress over whether it will work in your house. Antique Gallery of Mesquite.

White vintage repainted buffet

“All of the holidays have gotten more popular in collecting,” says Terry Kovel, co-author of the Kovel’s Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide.

Vintage cards in good condition can fetch about $10 to $50 apiece, she says, but particularly valuable ones can shoot up into the three- or even four-figure range. Some cards will have the year printed on the front or the back, but classic Victorian motifs like flowers, robins and other animals can also help date the card.

Know When and How to Bargain – Negotiating is usually a part of vintage and antique shopping. Ask the best price the vendor is willing to give you, see if they’ll give you a break if you pay cash, or offer to buy several items for a flat price. Some items are marked “firm.” If you’re at a show, you’ll usually find the best deals at the end of the show, as vendors want to off-load items they don’t want to haul home

Know Your Measurements – Print up a list of room, window and door dimensions so when you find that really cool 1940’s enamel-top table, you’ll know whether it will fit in your dining room, or even more important, through your front door Moore Old Signs and Antiques

1940s enamel-top table with wooden chair Moore Old Signs and Antiques Crowley, Texas
1940s enamel-top table with wooden chair Moore Old Signs and Antiques Crowley, Texas

Great Finds with the Potential for Upcycling, Repurposing, and Repainting – If you really love an item and can see that it has potential, despite an ugly paint job or terrible handles, then go with your heart. The right piece in the right place can make you happy for a long time. Take it home and make it your own. It’s the mix that makes a home design work. Buy across different styles and eras.

Quality Over Quantity – Find quality craftsmanship and durability that will last.

Find Items to Resale for a Profit – Do a search for going prices on the items you want to find. Antique shops will often offer you a great discount because they have had it in inventory for a long time. A quick search of eBay and Etsy can give you an idea of an item’s approximate fair price. Pricing can be subjective, depending on the location of the market, how much a dealer paid for the item, the piece itself, and how trendy the item is. The value of a piece can also be affected by its condition. whether or not it has been repaired, and whether or not it has proof of authenticity (where it’s from or who made it)

10 Secrets to Antique Shopping ends with Knowing Where To Shop in Texas – Use our handy shop finder map to find more than 800 shops in Texas that are open and in business.  PSSSST! Google is often not notified when these stores open and close, so you waste valuable time when you “just google it” We’ve done the legwork for you for antiquing in Texas.

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