Green Depression Glass


Inexpensive, green depression glass was produced in mass amounts, and at the same time elegant

and an affordable luxury that brought hope during the challenging times of the Great Depression.
There were several patterns produced; Cameo, Colonial Block, Princess, Mayfair and
Florentine were all colorful green Depression glass made by adding colorants and
chemicals, all produced from mold-pressed methods.
Flaws in the mold produced glassware, are now a favorite with collectors.
Some pale green to emerald hold uranium which glows under a soft UV light.

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Green Depression Glass Distributed in Cereal Boxes,

Carnival Prizes, Gas Station Give-Aways

Colorants also produced Pink, Amber & Cobalt Blue.
Famous companies such as Hazel Atlas and Anchor Hocking produced jadeite to milk
glass with chemical additives.
Twenty or more manufactories distributions included inside products such as cereal,
won as carnival prizes, gas station giveaways, at movie theaters, in Oatmeal boxes and
premiums to entice customers.
Manufactories continued the production of Depression Glass after World War II.
Anchor Hocking produced the Cameo pattern which featured a female figure.
Mayfair’s rose is a common pattern.
The much sought after Princess pattern features art deco influence.
Hazel Atlas Glass produced a geometric pattern, Colonial Block.
Florentine known as Poppy pattern, features floral design.
Most of our grandmothers had at least one piece of Depression glass in their kitchen.
Plates, bowls and glasses were used on a regular basis.
Collectors today collect for nostalgia as well as collecting

a piece of history during a time
of hardships. More green depression glass for sale

Pieces of Green Depression glass add to Collection

When looking for pieces of Depression glass to add to your collection, look for molding

flaws. Use a UV light. Buy marked pieces such as Hazel Atlas Glass. Authentic pieces may have utensil marks.
Some pieces are still inexpensive for collectors.
Research Hazel Atlas Glass Company, Federal Glass Company. *NDGA link below.
NDGA National Depression Glass Association – Home Page

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