Gallery Auction Events  Whether you are looking for a few unique items that you won’t see everywhere, Or you’re a dealer looking for a truckload of perfect profitable merchandise, you will be excited about our auctions.

Visit Gallery Auctions for Antiques, Mid Century Furniture, Rugs, Bronzes, Architectural Items, New Home Furnishings, and estate items in Houston, TX!

As the largest trade source in the southwest, Gallery Auctions is well known to dealers around the country as THE PLACE to buy a great variety of antiques, new home furnishings, and accessories.

They conduct huge auctions every Monday Morning in a well-air-conditioned 9000 sq. ft saleroom.

Gallery Auctions offers something for everyone. From modern furniture with simple clean lines to flamboyant over the top décor pieces!

Every auction offers a unique buying experience showcasing products from all over the world.

Gallery Auctions welcomes bidders in person at their warehouse in north Houston every Monday.

You can also join in on the action online on This experience features a live video feed, live bidding as well as the option to place absentee bids.



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