WELCOME TO GALLERY AUCTIONS! Visit us for Auctions filled with Antiques, Mid Century Furniture, Rugs, Bronzes, Architectural Items, New Home Furnishings and estate items in Houston, TX! Whether you are looking for a few unique items that you won’t see everywhere, or you’re are a dealer looking for a truckload of perfect profitable merchandise, you will be excited about our auctions.

Since founding Gallery Auctions in 1984, Vikki Vines has developed and expanded the company offering a wide selection of beautiful antiques, mid-century modern items and new home furnishings.

Vikki and her son, Jon Goodling, travel the world to carefully select items for our auctions. They have also established long term relationships with significant shippers from many countries to be able to offer incredible volume and variety at wholesale prices.

As the largest trade source in the southwest, Gallery Auctions is well known to dealers around the country as THE PLACE to buy a great variety of antiques, new home furnishings and accessories. We conduct huge auctions every week in a well air conditioned 9000 sq. ft sale room.

THIS is why buyers keep coming back to our auctions, week after week – for over 35 years. We hope to see you soon!

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