Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford TX

1800s York Avenue Historic Buildings Weatherford, Texas

There are approximately 16 antique shops in this town, and many of these shops fall under the combination: Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford, Texas. Two of those shops are Blessings Recycled Antiques & More, located at 112 Dallas Street, and The Shoppes at Carter Ivy located at 120 N. Main Street.

The early years of Weatherford, Texas yield stories of trials and triumphs as a rowdy frontier town that matured and became known as the “City of Churches” and the “City Beautiful.” Weatherford, Texas History

Blessings Recycled Antiques & More: 112 Dallas Street

This shop is one of the historic buildings in Weatherford Texas located on the courthouse square in the downtown historic district. Construction dates back to the 1860s. It was one of the first sets of buildings constructed after Weatherford was incorporated in 1858.

Blessings Recycled Antiques and More Weatherford Texas Visitor's Map
Blessings Recycled Weatherford Texas Visitor’s Map
Blessings Recycled Antique Mall Storefront 112 Dallas Avenue Weatherford Texas
Blessings Recycled Antique Mall Storefront 112 Dallas Avenue Weatherford Texas

The building has conducted business under numerous names through the years. It was primarily a grocery, feed, dry goods, and clothing store. Many locals remember when it was “The Hub” dating back to 1956. The storefront faces the square where the First Monday events had occurred over the years which was a staple of community activity. That same storefront has seen the construction of the fourth and present crowning jewel courthouse completed in 1886. This historic building has seen enormous growth over the years in downtown from dirt roads to paved streets.

This historic building in Weatherford, Texas still has original floors and you can see the square nails which were used in construction until the late 19th century. One of several unique features of the building is the stairwell leading up to the attic. Over the years several people have left their names and dates in pencil on the walls. Several dates go back to the 1800s. Since Blessings Recycled opened its doors 3 and a half years ago, it has been blessed with customers from all 50 states along with customers from Europe and South Africa. One of the highlights at Blessings Recycled is the award-winning window displays that the owner and vendors are proud to display. This 3-story building is rich in Weatherford history and is the perfect setting for a unique kind of antique mall that uses the Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford TX theme.

The Shoppes At Carter Ivy: 120 North Main Street

Antique and vintage shoppers are sure to enjoy antiques shopping as well as enjoy the nostalgic feeling of shopping in a great historic building in Weatherford, Texas, dated 1900. This great old building is home to The Shoppes at Carter Ivy Antiques, 120 S. Main Street, Weatherford, Texas. If you are looking for antique barn timbers, rusty junk, antiques, home décor, vintage wares and clothing, farmhouse, primitives, mid-century modern, chandeliers/lighting, bedding/quilts, glassware, and furniture, with soaps, candles, and florals to accessorize, you have found your happy place.

Historic Buildings Weatherford Texas The Shoppes at Carter Antique Accounting Ledger
Shoppes at Carter Antique Accounting Ledger

As you walk into The Shoppes at Carter Ivy, you will immediately notice that the building still has the original wood floors. shelving with original accounting ledgers from the early 1900s, a rusty hardware chandelier, located just above the cash register, located just above the cash register is hanging from the original beaded board ceiling.

An early 1900s hand-drawn freight elevator is located to your right as you enter the shop. This great old elevator was used to haul freight up to the building’s second-floor for storage. Wagons would bring freight from the railroad station, located ½ mile away. Early 1900s freight included unassembled wagons, which would be loaded and hauled to the second floor. Workers assembled them and brought them down for display on the showroom floor.

Antique Walk-In Vault built by Carter Ivy Hardware Store Weatherford, Texas
Antique Walk-In Vault built by Carter Ivy Hardware Store Weatherford, Texas

A built-in closet houses the original walk-in safe built by Carter. The Fort Worth safe company installed the safe door. Its primary use was to house the handwritten ledgers which had records of all the accounts from its many customers. The back story is that the banks would bring their money to this Carter Ivy Hardware safe because bank robbers would never expect or know about it being there.

Carter Ivy was the original Wal-Mart of Weatherford, Texas. They sold windows, doors, hardware, windmills, guns, gun powder, knives, wagons, stoves, appliances. The saying was that “If you can’t get it at Carter Ivy, you can’t get it.”

When Rulene Berry and her husband won the lease on the building, Rulene said the one thing that drove the direction they pursued with the business was honoring and preserving the history of the building and the icon that it was to the local people. So many of the locals remember visiting it as a child with either a parent or a grandparent. Thus the combined Antiques-Historic Buildings Weatherford TX entered into a business arrangement.

This great old building has had 2 owners in 122 years, and the gentleman who bought it, still owns it.

At the time of leasing, the building owner said, “Just 2 things: Be successful and be good caretakers of this great old building.” This statement spoke to their hearts in a huge way. Antiques-historic buildings Weatherford TX took on a special meaning.

A collection of Carter Ivy green merchandise, such as an old toy truck, are displayed on the shelf behind the register.

The Shoppes at Carter Ivy business cards were designed from a 1927 accounting ledger, which is one of the hundreds of ledgers that still remain in the building.

Carter Ivy green is used for tissue and wrapping paper. The sacks are black.

“We love coming here. It’s such a great place to work,” Rulene said. “My husband prays for grace and peace over the people (shoppers) who walk in this building.”


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