Vintage Shopping Yields Hidden Treasure ????

Vintage shoppers love the idea of finding the unexpected, the unknown when they head to an open-air vintage market, venue or antique shop because they just might discover an item they fall in love with and can’t live without!

Vintage merchandise often sells at affordable prices for quality brand merchandise. In the past, the antique market was inaccessible due to high prices. Today’s market is much more accessible, especially for younger people purchasing items for their first home or for seasoned collectors looking for that special item.

Bob Ferris, an avid vintage scale collector, from Crowley, Texas recently embarked on an antique shopping trip to Austin, Texas. He planned his trip in advance and targeted 2 shops he thought were good prospects for finding scales.  While disappointed that these shops did not have what he was looking for, he decided to stop and visit a third shop, not on his list, before he left the Austin area. He was excited when he landed a unique find along with its original parts, some of which were being sold separately because the shop owners were not aware that the scale and the parts went together.

Plate Scale Market 2 Kilo Force 1900 Patina Iron Cast Metal Beam Kitchen Shabby Vintage Brocante Antique France
Plate Scale Market 2 Kilo Force 1900 Patina Iron Cast Metal Beam Kitchen Shabby Vintage Brocante Antique France

Recreate, Embrace Memories Past While Vintage Shopping

So what is Vintage? Items 20 to 100 years old originating from a previous era have that romantic aura about them because they have a past and a story behind the story. Antiques are items 100 years old or older. Owning these items can make buyers feel nostalgic as they recreate and embrace distinct memories of places and things from their past. The term “retro” means “relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past: fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned,” according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Vintage decor and accessories can be surprisingly modern. A popular trend is mixing vintage with new, as well as creating a unique mix of various styles and eras. The photo of the dining room below is my own dining room, unintentionally put together without any specific planning after Randy and I moved into our new home in Crowley, Texas in May of 2019. The items below were items Randy had in his own collection. It was amazingly fun to decorate our retro dining area with this Coca Cola collection. As you can see, the grandkids love the Coca-Cola booth. We just need one of those table-top junk boxes to put at the end of it!

Retro Dining furniture in modern kitchen - Coca Cola 1950s booth, Coca Cola signs
Retro Coca Cola Dining furniture in modern kitchen

Antique, Vintage and Retro items also make for a great way to create an individual look with the new upcycling, recycling, repurposing, refurbishing and repainting quality antique furniture trends. Steam Punk, Architectural Salvage and Farmhouse have also become popular for their individuality.

Kitchen Hutch Farmhouse Painted Maroon Mint Vintage
Kitchen Hutch Farmhouse Painted Maroon Mint Vintage

Vintage Shopping Offers Personalized Look

There are lots of reasons that vintage has become popular. One of them is that shoppers believe that mainstream items have become less unique and that mass-produced furniture and accessories are routine copy-cat items that anyone can buy.

There is a quality to vintage that makes it transcend newer items because they are chosen for uniqueness, quality, and design value.

Designers are integrating old looks that were once popular into modern décor for a unique, eclectic mix. A popular trend is “if you love it and it speaks to you, it works! Don’t stress over what somebody else thinks.

It’s never been so easy to look modern and current while reusing the old.

Vintage Shopping Offers Unchanging styles

There are always going to be people who prefer individual and interesting pieces and buy them as investments or one-offs. Shoppers are waking up to the fact that vintage can be adaptable to the latest trends, and that they are also timeless classics that can become a staple of their lifestyle. They will always be in style in their own way. You can pick up the latest trend and have something that’s only good for a few weeks, or you can buy something vintage you can enjoy for years.

Originality and Style Comes With Vintage Shopping

One of the most important aspects of a stylish home is being original. It tells a lot about a person and his or her personality. Vintage upcycling, re-purposing, repainting, industrial and architectural creations allow people to express themselves while creating their own original lifestyle, to fit in, yet stand out. It’s hard to do that, but anything is possible with creativity and skills to see the vision and bring it to reality.

Heart and Story: Part of Vintage Shopping

Vintage has a heart to it – there’s a story behind the story.  There’s much more to vintage than just being old and used. There is a history and art to vintage because these items are filled with the stories and memories of the people that came before us and owned them. Owning vintage keeps those people and their history and artistry alive.

When it’s all said done, owning vintage means being packaged in a unique way.

It’s matchless, it’s distinct, it’s rare and many times, it’s just plain extraordinary.

What about you?

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