Vintage Mother’s Day Gifts

Vintage Mother's Day Gifts-1950s-Pearlized-Pearlized-Purse-with-Carved-Handle-and-Sides

 Read on to see a wonderful selection of photos and descriptions for Vintage Mother’s Day Gifts to include authentic, beautiful vintage jewelry from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”  unknown

The first Mother’s Day in the US was on May 10th, 1908. Anna Jarvis, founder, held the first celebration in a church in West Virginia. 

President Woodrow Wilson made it an official national holiday in 1914.

Since then, Mother’s Day has expanded to honor grandmothers, aunts, and others with

gifts of flowers, chocolate, personal items and the favorite with many, jewelry. 

But not just any jewelry. Vintage jewelry. 

It is exciting to find beautiful necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets for our family members or close friends. These pieces will be loved, treasured, and handed down to daughters, granddaughters, and friends. 

Where to shop? 

A great shop for authentic women and men’s vintage clothing and accessories is The Cat’s Meow in Midland, Texas. Steven Porterfield specializes in historic clothing and accessories, even providing pieces to Hollywood for movies.

If you are pushed for time, online shopping is extremely popular. And don’t forget to buy something for yourself!

There are many sites to choose from.

One popular online site is Instagram. I met my Texas friend Julie Garza owner of @ParrotsTreasureChest where she features an array of vintage jewelry and vintage clothing. Julie’s sister site is @ParrotsTreasure for vintage collectibles. (see more contact information at end of article) 

Vintage Mother’s Day Gifts: Vintage Jewelry

Julie has been in vintage for 25 years and is also a certified appraiser. Julie’s vintage jewelry is our feature story for the May issue of the Texas Vintage Shopper, along with a few select vintage purses. 

Coral Necklace with an adorable Mermaid is collectible in two categories.


One would be coral and the second, mermaids. Coral is perfect for the coming summer month.

1950’s Aurora Borealis Crystal Dangle Brooch. Magical! 

Vintage Mother's Day Gifts-1950s-Aurora-Borealis-crystal-dangle-brooch

Aurora Borealis is a paper-thin coating put on glass beads which makes them shine. Aurora Borealis on jewelry produces a spectacle color.

1930’s Celluloid Terrier Brooch. Does Mom have a Terrier? Or collect dogs? 



In 1869, John Wesley Hart patented an invention, Celluloid. In the 1940’s celluloid was used in many types of jewelry. Try keeping your celluloid jewelry in the open so it can breathe. 

Vintage Juliana Turtle Brooch. (two views) Beautiful. Will go with mom’s animal collection!


In 1967 Juliana Jewelry D & E (DeLizza & Elster) came on a white hangtag. Some of the tags read, Juliana Jewelry, but not all. Many websites dedicated to Juliana Jewelry will help you identify your piece. 

Mid Century Wide Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet. Look at that Bling! 

Vintage Mother's Day Gifts-Mid-Century-Wide-Rhinestone-Cuff-Bracelet-


Since the 70’s, cuff bracelets have been very popular. Jacklyn Onassis wore cuff bracelets!

1960’s Mod Mexican Paper Mache Flower Brooch. Mom will love wearing this at Fiesta time!


Paper Mache made in Mexico dates back to the Mayans and the Aztecs.

1950’s Rhinestone Ball Drop Earrings. Wear these with a Rhinestone Bracelet! Gorgeous!


In the 50’s, Rhinestone earrings were worn on special occasions. They are still extremely popular. 

Mid Century Vintage Rhinestone and Glass Cabachon Brooch and Earring Set. Wear them to parties or church. Wear them everywhere!

Vintage Mother's Day Gifts-Mid-Century-Vintage-Green-Rhinestone-and-Glass-Cabachon-Brooch-and-Earring-Set

Cabachon is a gemstone that is shaped and polished. Not faceted. 

Vintage Whimsy Taxco Sterling Hare wearing a Vest. He is certainly an attention getter. 


Taxco lies within the Mexican State of Guerrero. 

One interpretation of the meaning of Taxco is “where the father of the water is” as there is a waterfall nearby. Taxco is known for the mining of silver and crafting of jewelry.

Vintage Mother’s Day Gifts: Purses

1950’s Pearlized Purse with Carved Handle and Sides. Elegant!


A vintage purse is a must for any mom! Especially a child of the 50’s! 

1950’s Wilardy Pearlized Bronze Lucite Purse with Floral and Rhinestone décor Closure. Maybe mom has been searching for that special vintage purse to travel with her to the next high school reunion! This Exquisite Wilardy purse is just what she has been looking for. 



Charles & William Hardy founded Wilardy Originals in 1946 in New York. Will was the designer and designed the Lucite handbags along with furniture. He designed one piece of furniture for Jacqueline Kennedy and chandeliers for the White House. 

Contact Julie Garza at: and visit her website at:

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