Vintage Clothing For Sale

Vintage clothing for sale hats

Steven Porterfield has vintage clothing for sale at his antique store “The Cat’s Meow” in Midland, Texas. He is an expert in authentic antique and vintage clothing, hats, handbags, costume & estate jewelry, furniture, glass, pottery, porcelain, crockery, dolls & toys, linens, lace, fabrics quilts, patterns, primitives, retro, and kitchen miscellaneous.

Vintage Jewelry for sale
Elegant vintage jewelry in all styles and colors for accessorizing an outfit

“We have several thousand pieces of costume jewelry for sale in the shop right now,” Steven said. “It is not unusual for our costume jewelry to go into movies.”

Vintage jewelry from The Cat’s Meow can be seen in the movie, “Why Women Kill.” The Cat’s Meow Provides Historic Clothing for Movies

The shop carries any type of vintage jewelry a shopper may be looking to accessorize their outfits. The store has all styles with basic rhinestones set in silver and gold. There are trays and trays of jewelry pieces – from normal costume jewelry to Eisenberg originals with numerous famous brands. Popular plastic jewelry includes Bakelite and Lucite. Most of the jewelry is from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

Hundreds of Pieces of Vintage Jewelry For Sale in all Styles and Colors

The jewelry cases are arranged in shades of color with greens, white, glass, grays, and black. The store stocks 700 pairs of earrings in all different colors including reds, pinks, and purples which are the hardest colors to find. There are all shades of blue, autumns, ambers, with three levels of orange. There are 4 trays of Christmas jewelry – Weiss, The Art Company, Eisenberg Ice. It just depends on what the person wants.  Gold jewelry pieces with a big chunky look and chunky belts are popular.

Along with selling, Steven conducts monthly lectures about antique and vintage clothing for sale. He also restores and repairs antique, vintage clothing and accessories. For more information visit The Cat’s Meow Facebook Page

Holiday items with a popular Christmas room featuring all types of vintage and antique Christmas decor for sale. Vintage and Antique Christmas Decor For Sale

Flow Blue China Becoming Popular Again

However, Flow Blue China is making a comeback. During the past 10-15 years, the Flow Blue china pattern has been a slow seller, but it is making a comeback, Steven said.

Vintage Flow Blue China
Turn of the Century English Flow Blue China mixed with Waterford Crystal

This Flow Blue china was produced at the turn of the century. This china pattern has colors that can be mixed with anything. It is rare to find a Pitcher and bowl together because so many pieces have been broken. Steven has mixed in American brilliant cut glass and Waterford pieces with the Flow Blue china and he has several cabinets full of it.

Flow blue (occasionally ‘flown blue’) is a style of white earthenware, sometimes porcelain, that originated in the Regency era, sometime in the 1820s, among the Staffordshire potters of England. The name is derived from the blue glaze that blurred or “flowed” during the firing process according to History of Flow Blue Porcelain China

Vintage Clothing For Sale: Purses, Furs Back in Style

Vintage purses from the 1970s are popular, along with furs. They are back in style for the fall season, Steven said.

Vintage clothing for sale hats
All styles of authentic high-quality vintage hats and clothing for sale

“I buy tons of stuff from all over the world – Americans have more stuff than most other countries do.”

More Chinese Antiques in America Than China

Vintage Clothing for sale is just one of Steven’s areas of expertise. He sells antiques from all over the world, including China. “We have more Chinese antiques in America than in China.”

“In the past, Americans were fascinated with royalty and other cultures so they would purchase Chinese antiques and bring them back to America.”

Masses of Chinese people are coming over to buy antiques to take back to China – I have about 5 young men who come through the store several times a year. They will purchase any Chinese antiques they find.

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