Grapevine Texas Antique Day Shopping

Antiques & Vintage shopping in Grapevine, Texas – What’s in store for the day ahead? A visit to an old restored 2-story Victorian home turned antique shop, a 2-story antique mall with 150 dealers and a cozy and inviting atmosphere, a high-end European antique shop with an all-in-one Italian winery and café, and a quaint neighborhood home with a separate red shed full of European antiques.

Even the rain didn’t stop shoppers from parking their vehicles behind and adjacent to the downtown area, popping up their umbrellas and strolling through the downtown shopping area to find that special item.

 Grapevine Texas Antique Shopping – Grapevine Antiques Market

You can’t miss the grand staircase to your right as you walk in the door of the Grapevine Antiques Market, 1641 W. Northwest Highway. But before you climb the staircase, the ground level shopping offers approximately 100 dealer booths from a Monkee’s Scrap Book Album, regular $50, now $40 to an old white carved side table, regular $59 on sale for $44, a vintage brass lamp for $24.

“People who shop here are looking to make their house a home – looking to find that unusual one-of-a-kind piece that is going to make their home special,” Assistant manager, Kenny Schmidt.

Grapevine Texas Antique Shopping – Beverly Riley’s Rusty Relics

Don’t forget to stop at Beverly Riley’s Rusty Relics booth –  the name says it all – you will see a rusty tinged 1934 Ford fender positioned on a barge board to create a unique, one-of-a-kind table. This was a 1800s barge board that once floated the Mississippi river – it started at the top of the river, and floated down with the goods on it. Beverly said the boards are emerging again and being sold at high prices. “If you looked on the wood from the bottom side you would see all kinds of little bug tunnels – these boards have a lot of character.”

Grapevine Texas Antique Shopping: Full-service Guitar Shop

Leaving the Rusty Relics booth, there are two staircases to get to the full-service guitar shop, a booth with over 10,000 albums. Kenny said they have some very young people who are interested in the guitar loft. He said the younger clientele are getting into the old vinyl records and record players. He said they will soon have a booth featuring vintage video games and they are getting ready to open a consignment shop with furniture. “There may some antiques, but some will not be – this is going to reach a different demographic for us.”

Grapevine, Texas: Red Shed Antiques

Red Shed Antiques is a combination antiques shop and travel agency – Riverside Travel Gallery and the Red Shed Cottage Chic. This shop is a 1500-square- foot house with a large garden and a renovated red shed located between historic Main street and residential neighborhood to the west and this isn’t your traditional antiques shop – Most of the items came from Paris, France and are unique, fun and eclectic. Items like a pearl lamp for $125, a vintage pink door for $99, vintage white wooden distressed chaise lounger, gorgeous silver antique French St. Therese formal gown for $79, old wood architectural arch for $85, vintage white dress maker vanity regular $425 for $199, vintage white and grey distressed french chair complete with a pillow that reads “1912 Hotel Les Etoiles Rue de lo Madelaine, 16 Paris” for $44, piano fret $220, old french pane door $40, mint green bric-a-brac corner shelf or a green, 2-shelf table with a front door – green with pink ornate designs on the door.

Grapevine Texas: Antique Revival

If you’re looking for fine antiques from all over the world, you won’t want to miss browsing Antique Revival at 418 S. Main where you will find quality antiques from America, Europe and England. Styles range from Gothic, Mid-Century Modern, American Empire and Chippendale. You may find a European hand carved  one-of-a-kind, signed-in-drawer, and chair, telephone table with stand, circa 1910 for $975. A mahogany Templer panel set for $898, 1870s walnut and rosewood with marble dental cabinet for $7,500,  a large Belgium wardrobe originally from Castle dated mid 19th century, circa 1850s-1860s for $12,500, a Blackamoor 7 foot Belgium Caryadid Candlabra foot swivel statue moore for $2,250.00

Grapevine, Texas: Farina’s Italian Winery and Café

Stop for a glass of tea, wine, lunch or dinner at Farina’s Italian Winery and Café located adjacent to Antiques Revival, 420 S. Main with convenient access by walking through an inside hallway. Delicious choices with plates big enough for 2 people are inspired by fresh tastes of Italy ranging from baked lasagna, chicken alfredo and spaghetti and meatballs,  salads, soups, french bread complimented by red wines including Texas reds, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon. White wines include Farina’s own white blend, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling and house made frozen cocktails. Thirteen delicious homemade pizzas featuring create your own pizza along with spaghetti, ravioli and margherita pizza.

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