Glen Flora Emporium Filled with Antiques


Renell Moore June 23, 2018

The Glen Flora Emporium is currently filled with 8,000 square feet of quality antiques. The store is well organized, clean and air conditioned. If you didn’t know her store had flooded 10 months before, you would never even suspect it. Owner, Trish Winkles would like everyone to know that she is open to the public, and would like to encourage shoppers to come by and visit her.

Trish recalls the effects of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Her small community had been devastated after 3 feet of water overflowed from the Colorado River on August 29, 2017 and ran rampant through the small town. Trish not only owned The Glen Flora Emporium, but also the resale shop located next door.

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Shelving Lost in Glen Flora Resale Shop

On the evening of the 29th the water came up fast and  flooded the town within 45 minutes.  Trish and her husband were at home furiously working to get all their rescue animal kennels – 20 dogs and 18 cats –  out of her backyard and safely into her house. Fortunately, they were able to save all of their animals, but she said this was one of the most stressful times during the flooding for her.

Eight inches of water flowed into her antiques shop, located just down the road from her home. The river crested on the 30th and  the flooding lasted 3 days. Fifteen inches of rain filled her resale shop next door, and she lost all of her shelving there and a lot of merchandise.

Volunteers Haul Glen Flora Flood Debris

After three days, she and her husband were able to get back into the shop to start shoveling mud. The mosquitoes were terrible and volunteers brought supplies and bug spray.

Trish recalled one of the local tree farmers bringing a dumpster and setting it right in front of her resale shop door. She said volunteers helped her haul out all of the wet debris and ruined items.

Flooding Aftermath Brings Healing to Glen Flora

Trish had determined to close the shop, but when one of her vendors, Ginger, asked her to remain open, she decided to keep it open.

She said it was a good decision. In the aftermath of the flooding, her neighbors would come into her shop and talk about the flooding. Everyone shared their stories and it was a time of  therapeutic healing .

“We didn’t greet each other with Hi, how are you? We greeted one another with “Did you flood?”



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