Browsing an Antiques Store: Shoppers Open Up, Experience Flashbacks from Past

Flashbacks and trips down memory lane are just two of the things people experience as they stroll through the aisles of an antique store. For one Midland man, who was often fondly called the “music man”, a stroll down the aisle of Sunflower’s Showcase Antiques meant a meeting with a long-lost brother.

The gentleman walked to the back of the store and browsed the record section, store owner Jim Olsen said.

“He came back white as a ghost, and said he wanted this album,”

He then explained to us why he wanted this album so much – his brother had been in Nashville a long time ago and recorded some songs while he was there. His brother had long passed away, and he had come across one of his albums in their store – the album was signed by his brother.

Jim said they didn’t charge him for the album.

“You can’t charge somebody for something like that,” he said.

His wife, and business partner, Michele, said she had almost thrown the album away because it was an osbscure artist – not normally what she would put out for sale which is classic rock and classic country.

“But I didn’t because it was signed all over,” Michele said. She was glad she kept it, and she added they meet a lot of interesting people who come into the store.

Renell Moore April 23, 2018

Store Owners Interested in Learning History of Antique Pieces, Meeting People

“It’s like a history class,” Jim said. “We have older people who will come in, pick up a piece and tell you the history about it. Maybe they were a World War II vet – you know Korea. They’ll open up; they have a flashback of their past.”

Jim and Michele said they are just as interested in learning the history of things, and meeting people as they are in the business aspect.

Five Buildings of Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles: Glass and Jewelry, Outdoor Yard Art, Furniture

“Our goal is to be a quality antiques and vintage store.”

The store, located in the 3400  block of Thomason Drive in Midland, Texas is brimming with wonderful quality items. They have five buildings incorporated into one store. There are no dealers or consignments. Each building has its own personality, one building has mostly glass and jewelry, another building has outdoor yard art, and several others are full of wonderful furniture.

Customers can shop in air conditioned comfort in a clean, organized atmosphere

High Quality Items with Fair Prices

“We try to keep the quality high and the prices fair.”

Both Jim and Michele enjoy getting up and going to the store every day. “We enjoy working together and I think it shows in our dealings with our customers. We’ve made a lot of friends who start out as customers. The store is our hobby, and it’s a hobby we can do together that we really enjoy. We’re very grateful for the ability to do this.”

Sunflower’s Showcase Antiques: Owners Passionate about Antiques

Jim taught history for 10 years at Alamo Junior High and government and history for 10 years at Midland High. Michele taught English at Midland High and also taught English and History at Goddard Junior High. Michele retired in 2010 and Jim retired in 2011. They have been in business since 2005.

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