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Display your Best merchandise for Vintage Shoppers to see In Advance and Change these images out as often as you like with a Featured Listing!
Recoup Lost Revenue – Our mission is to get more eyes on your shop merchandise and increase your store traffic by increasing your visibility on the world-wide-web!
Let us do the marketing for you by promoting your shop via Texas Vintage Shopper on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! We will link your shop merchandise photo from our Pinterest page to your featured listing on Texas Vintage Shopper so shoppers can see more of your merchandise and learn more about your shop!
Featured Listings will APPEAR FIRST on our shop finder map homepage, and APPEAR FIRST in the city search option. Our website also has a very special built-in SEO feature to help you promote your specialty items and shop categories via the Google Search Engine!
Low introductory rates for founding members are being offered with the ability to lock in that rate for future renewals, as our way of saying “Thank You!”
Increase your chances that vintage shoppers will call you to purchase store items!

SAMPLE Featured Listing

Moore Old Signs And Antiques

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6 Month Package Blue Ribbon $296.00 /bi-annually

$0 Basic Listing includes shop name, address with “click get directions” and phone number


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