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Texas Vintage Shops:

Get More Eyes on your Merchandise!

Online Shoppers, specifically targeted to the vintage/antiques market

will be able to find your shop, learn more about you,

plus preview your best merchandise.

To complete your Featured Listing, follow the steps below:


To avoid disappointed shoppers, and keep your listing fresh to encourage online shoppers to return to your listings frequently, please replace photos of sold items with a photo of merchandise that has not sold, on a regular basis. Consider doing this like keeping a booth in an antique mall stocked with fresh merchandise so customers will return regularly to see what’s new.

You will need:

Please have your photos and information ready before completing the Add Listing Form

Items Needed:

You will need to register first and then you will be able to add the items listed above to complete your featured listing. When you submit your listing, you will make payment for the package you have chosen. Please Contact us if you have any difficulty.

If your notification email goes to your spam folder, please add info@texasvintageshopper.com to your address book to whitelist it and ensure you receive all of our email notifications. 

Step 1: you will need to Select and Buy a Package.

Make sure the package you previously purchased is selected.

Step 2: Enter your Shop Name

Step 3: Enter your Shop Description

People are looking for exciting content of your shop to determine if it’s worth their time.

The words in your shop description can increase the odds that interested people will discover your shop through search engines like Google and Bing — known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Step 4: Add your SPECIALTY items: VERY IMPORTANT

This is how shoppers can find your shop on our directory by searching for items via the Google search engine! Click inside the Specialty box and you will see pull down options. You may select up to 2 categories. 

Step 5: Add your shop ITEMS

Choose up to 10 tags for the white, blue and red packages. Choose up to 30 for the Silver Ribbon and 50 for the Gold Ribbon package. Choose Texas Vintage Stores, Antique Shops in Texas, Texas Vintage Shops. Shop Item listings (tags) are important for the best Google search engine . You may choose available tags from a dropdown menu of more than 140 items. If you need an item we do not have listed, we can add it for you.

EXAMPLE: majolica pottery, carnival glassware, Gulf gas signs

Step 6: Add your business hours

So that shoppers will see when your shop is open. Select the “Yes” Checkbox, Select the plus sign located to the right of each weekday to add or change the time, Click inside the a.m. and p.m. boxes and a time slider will open. Slide to the correct time a.m. or p.m. on both the opening and closing time boxes. Click done. Double click on the minus sign to remove the time boxes and choose the “closed” option.

The time zone should be set to Chicago-UTC-5 and should automatically default to this setting. Please check that is correct.

Step 7: Add your address

We are GEO connected to Google. Begin typing in your address in the space provided, an automated matching address should pop up as a pull-down menu. IMPORTANT!
Select the right address provided by Google, then click the red button “Set Address on Map”.
Be sure click on the red “Set Address on Map”
Look at the map location to ensure it is displaying correctly. You can zoom out to enlarge it.

Not every city in Texas is listed. If you have trouble because your city has not YET been listed use this form to contact us. We also can help you get your address adjusted in Google. CLICK HERE FOR TECH SUPPORT.

Step 8: Add your previously saved Photos to create an image gallery on your page.

You may have up to 50 images for the Gold Ribbon Package, 30 images for the Silver Ribbon and up to 20 images for the White, Red and Blue Ribbon Packages.

The first image will be a large display photo of your best merchandise and will appear in a large photo box just beneath your Shop Name at the top of the page.

Add your images by clicking on Select Files and browsing for them. The photo frames are landscape, but the images are clickable and open to a full, detailed view of the photo.  Save photos a minimum of large on a mobile phone for best resolution possible and crop, lighten before saving if desired on your iPhone or desktop of your computer.

Step 9: Add your Social Media

If you have social media you may link to it on your listing. Open your social media account on your computer or mobile phone, copy and paste (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) the url address into the appropriate social media field below.
Txs Red

Step 10: Add your Logo or Storefront

If you have a logo or a storefront image, please upload it here. This image will be the large photo that appears at the top right of your listing and it will also appear as the photo beside your listing to the left of the map on the shops landing page.

Featured listings are first in the search. If someone searches your city, your listing will display alphabetically first in the search.

Make sure these are checked if you have purchased a paid listing

Step 11: Preview & Submit

PREVIEW your listing by clicking on the preview button FIRST BEFORE YOU SUBMIT. This will allow you to make sure your featured listing appears as you want. The logo is usually the storefront photo. Featured listings are first in the search. If someone searches your city, your listing will display alphabetically first in the search.

When you click on the Preview button, it will open a new tab at the top of your page. Simply click back on the tab to your left to go back to the page where you are adding your listing and click SUBMIT at the bottom.
Always click [Submit Listings] when you’re finished editing.
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