Tina Melonakes assists Steven Porterfield with vintage clothing, hats, handbags and jewelry, at his antiques store “The Cat’s Meow” in Midland, Texas.  Steven said all of these vintage items are selling well in his store located at 408 Andrews Highway in Midland, Texas.

Tina also assists Steven in restoring and repairing antique, vintage clothing and accessories.

Renell Moore July 8, 2018


Trends with Younger Clientele is Taking Old Stuff, Recreating it

Tina said the latest trends with the younger clientele is to take the old stuff and recreate it. For example, taking an old enamel stove and recreating it into a wine bar. The vintage prom dresses are also a popular fad.

“All the kids like the upcycled stuff. They like the old farmhouse look.

As for fine china, “If you can’t put it in the dishwasher, they don’t want it. Silver – they don’t have time to polish it.”


Certain Vintage Hat Styles Popular 

Steven said a lot of women are wearing hats now. He is currently selling a lot of vintage hats.

“I have  300 to 400 in the back room that I need to bring out for display.” Certain styles sell well, like the big outrageous hats for the Derby parties. Fascinators  are a big fad. Fascinators are  little cocktail hats. The little girls love these hats and they sell for $15 in his store. The fascinators are also being used as wedding veils.

Another popular trend is to use vintage jewelry to make a wedding bouquet out of vintage brooches.


Vintage Clothing: Purses, Furs Back in Style

Other popular items are vintage purses from the 1970’s and furs are back in style for the fall season.

“I buy tons of stuff from all over the world – Americans have more stuff than most other countries do.”

In the past, Americans were fascinated with royalty and other cultures so they would purchase Chinese antiques and bring them back to America.


More Chinese Antiques in America Than China

“We have more Chinese antiques in America than in China.”

Masses of Chinese people are coming over to buy antiques to take back to China – I have about 5 young men who come through the store several times a year. They will purchase any Chinese antiques they find.