Yet another stop on my Midland day shopping trip for high-end antiques and vintage items in Midland, Texas was Sunflowers Showcase Antiques, located at 3416 Thomason Drive. Be sure to check out the other Midland shops.

Sunflowers Showcase is located at the corner of Wall Street and Thomason Drive. This seemingly one antique shop is actually 5 stores in a row that create their own strip mall and make for a special stop in any Midland Day shopping trip for antiques and vintage.

Owners, Jim and Michele Olsen said they are very particular about their merchandise and only showcase true antiques on their show floors. They are currently preparing to open their 5th shop and merchandise included a large mid 1800s harvest, rustic hand-made table that is assembled with wooden pegs and dowel rods rather than traditional hardware. This dining room table, which easily seats 8 to 10 people, literally comes apart in large wooden planks that fit together like puzzle pieces to create the whole product. For more information, see Sunflower’s shop finder listing.

Renell Moore, July 22, 2018


Midland Day Shopping: Sunflowers Showcase Antiques

Other antique pieces included an 1830s to 1940s  large Victorian arched stained-glass window for $1,299 firm.  Michele said the information she received from the previous owner of the piece was that it was removed from the landing of a staircase in Manchester or London England. There were several of these Victorian-era stained glass windows for sale. A blue vintage 1950’s hand-made flat bottom wooden row boat, oars, anchor, vest, weight and lines was marked $1200 and a bright red top-of-the-line in its day, Chambers stove had just arrived and had not been marked for sale yet.  For more information, see Wall Street’s shop finder listing.


Midland Day Shopping: Wall Street Antiques

Wall Street Antiques and Collectibles Mall is a short stroll around the corner of the Sunflowers Showcase Antiques strip mall, and offers yet another special stop in a Midland day shopping trip because this mall has more than 19,000 square feet of shopping and 120 vendors.

Items for sale:

Spaque & Carleton Buffet  – gray with three smaller drawers, one large drawer and 2 lower cabinet doors – $385

Antique Bread Kneader that can be used in any room for storage – $150.00

French style Walnut Wardrobe – $175 cash or $185 with card

White 6 ft. tall Dollhouse bookshelf – $100.00

Pale teal distressed wood, octagon-shaped bedside table – $75

There are lots of items for men that included knives, axes and tools




Bob’s Better Burger Midland Favorite Drive-in Diner for 50 Years

A special place to stop for lunch is always a treat during a Midland day shopping trip. Located just across the street from Sunflower Showcase Antiques, Bob’s Better Burger, located at 3417 Thomason Drive, has been a Midland favorite hamburger drive in for more than 50 years and according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram’s Top 100 contest, voters selected it as the best. Bob’s is a Midland must have featuring chocolate, vanilla and strawberry malts and milkshakes.

Bob’s has been at this same location on Thomason Drive for more than 50 years. The original sign is still out front and the outside of Bob’s Better burger is not inspiring… but go ahead, take a chance. This is a drive up, get out and order, then take it with you or eat in the car. Delicious burgers and crispy crinkle-cut french fries, onion rings and tater tots cooked whenever you order, not ahead of time!

Chili, cheese or bacon can be added to the burgers for an additional charge. You can also order a double-meat burger, a large jalapeno burger and a super jalapeno burger. The bread is toasted, the cheese is melted, and the food is piping hot, fresh and made to order. Corndogs are made with homemade batter.