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My first antiques day shopping trip was on June 29th with my first stop being Rustic Windmill in Midland. This shop is considered a vintage inspired market. There are 10 shops in Midland and 3 shops in Odessa, Texas, located 20 miles west of Midland. – Midland and Odessa are affectionately named the twin cities with Midland being dubbed “white collar” and Odessa being dubbed “blue collar.”

Along with 10 antiques shops that offer a variety of unique items that include furniture, home décor, glassware, tools, jewelry and everything in between, Midland and Odessa both have nice shopping malls with the traditional favorites of J.C. Penney’s, Sears and Dillards. Open seven days a week, Midland Park Mall has 90 businesses and is located on Loop 250.

With the recent oil field boom, Midland and Odessa, Texas are experiencing road construction due to the traffic overload on the main highways similar to other metroplex areas. Be forewarned about long traffic lines and stop lights!

Known as the Petroplex, Midland and Odessa have a combined population of 295,000 and are located in west Texas halfway between El Paso and Dallas, Texas on interstate 20.

The Midland/Odessa shops can be hit in a day if you begin with opening time around 10 a.m. and end at closing time around 5 p.m. The Midland shops are for the most part centrally located and you can easily stop in and shop within 3 to 4 hours just depending on how long you stop and browse.

Renell Moore July 14, 2018



Odessa: 3 shops 20 Miles West of Midland

There are 3 antiques shops located in Odessa Two of these are on 8th street, and the other is located in a neighborhood approximately 5 to 6 miles from the first two shops. You will also want to check out these shops. Use our shop finder at https://shops.texasvintageshopper.com/location/

You can get directions, get the miles to the shop’s location and connect to your GPS from here. And, the BONUS IS, you will see all the surrounding shops in that area! Click on “How to navigate the map” – it is helpful to review the first time or two you use it!

Music City Mall is in Odessa and has more than 100 businesses and the only ice skating rink within 300 miles.

Stop 1: Rustic Windmill Midland: Vintage Inspired Market

I realized that I was open, curious and ready to share with my readers what I found in each of these shops. My goal is to “show” you with pictures and objective descriptive and prices what I saw as I entered and browsed through each shop. In this blog I will share my first stop and then I will add one to two shops in consecutive weeks to the blog as a continuation of Midland, Texas antiques day shopping.

Stop #1 Rustic Windmill Midland: 2500 square feet of shopping with18 vendors

As I walked in, I saw part of a real windmill suspended from the ceiling and hanging close to and over the front check out counter. The windmill section was hung sideways and featured 6 fan blades with a double vane. This windmill was removed from a ranch in Andrews County in the 1960s. Owner Beau Estes said his dad and grandad took it down. Beau and Barbara Estes have 3 family ranches that span across Midland, Andrews, Ector, Martin and Stephens counties.

Rustic Windmill Midland Unique Finds:

I hope you get some inspiration from items found at Rustic Windmill in Midland, Texas:

2 unique and unusual Items for sale:

1960s Registered REST ROOM Texaco Dealer Service: $495.00

Hard to Find! 1930s Garage Men’s Work Station Bench: $2500.00

1930-vintage-garage-workbench marble-top-plant-stands



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